SuperSimplex M – Mechanical Water Pump Pressure Switch

A mechanical water pump pressure switch. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the SuperSimplex M from Mac3 is just that, so simple it’s almost funny. Super Simplex M – small, simple and green!

Water pump pressure switch - SuperSimplex M (mechanical)

Water pump pressure switch – SuperSimplex M (Mechanical)

Installed with a 25mm (1”) BSP fitting top and bottom, the SuperSimplex M will fit just about anywhere – horizontally or vertically – so long as you are comfortable reading the integrated pressure gauge and can reach the pressure adjustment dial – this will do the job.

This water pump pressure switch is pretty much plug-and-play. Wire in your mains connection and pump, close the case, and the electrical installation is complete! No 5-minute job can be this simple, can it? Well yes! It really can.

Being a solely mechanical device, there are no menus or settings to run through or electronic gremlins (oh, how we love hunting the gremlins down), just set the restart pressure, and that’s it – you can now find somewhere quiet to catch up on paperwork (or the rugby scores).

SuperSimplex M mechanical water pump pressure switch with float switch

SuperSimplex M mechanical water pump pressure switch with float switch

If, later, the installation requires dry run protection, you can add a single action float switch to the SuperSimplex M. Therefore, enabling a function that wouldn’t typically be associated with a mechanical-only unit. The installation would function very much like a float switch protected pump and would require access to the tank (or at least running a cable from the tank to the controller).

Simple mechanical water pump pressure switch

A SuperSimplex M would definitely be my go-to water pump pressure controller if the installation required a simple pressure-controlled setup, without the complexity or setup required from a computerised controller (not to mention going backwards and forward through the manual). Barn or garage type installations would benefit from the added control of an external unit connected to a manual pump.

SuperSimplex M – simplicity itself, there truly is a finesse from a simple (and well-executed) solution to a problem.

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Contact Jim, our Mac3 Technical lead. Jim and Tom have over 25 years of experience in Water Control Systems.

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