QuickStop Rapid Action Ball Valve Alternative

QuickStop is a rapid-action ball valve alternative. It is a hydraulic-powered solution that replaces the ball valve however, the QuickStop’s intelligent design ensures that water flow is limited to either on or off.

QuickStop Valve from Mac3. Rapid action ball valve alternative

QuickStop Valve from Mac3. Rapid action ball valve alternative

There isn’t much to say about one of these units. Unlike a brass ballcock, the QuickStop is either open or closed. With a QuickStop there isn’t an ever-decreasing orifice (that will close – eventually). The diaphragm design of the QuickStop uses the incoming water to lock the valve shut (incompressibility of fluids and all that).

Available in 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25 and 1.5” models, with both Standard and Adjustable float arms, there is a valve for every installation.

QuickStop Standard

QuickStop Valve - Standard_Showing pre-set movement

QuickStop Valve – Standard_Showing pre-set movement

The float arm on the Standard model has a preset deflection angle of 30o with the float locked to the float arm itself. This allows for the water level to drop before the valve opens. The QuickStop Standard is ideal for those who only require a small quantity of water from a holding tank and prefer not to have the valve open every time water is drawn. It is also beneficial for those using a header tank or pump-fed holding tank as it reduces the number of pump restarts, thereby improving the pump’s longevity.

QuickStop Adjustable

QuickStop Valve - Adjustable_Showing adjustability

QuickStop Valve – Adjustable. Showing adjustability.

The Adjustable model (as the name suggests) has full adjustment for both the deflection angle and float ball position. The angle can be modified to range from a fixed arm (with no deflection) to 150o without any restrictions. During installation, the adjustment is made and securely locked in place. It can be easily readjusted if necessary.

In the Adjustable model, the float arm can be extended (by moving the float ball itself) up to 600mm from the body of the QuickStop.

The angle and float arm length variations make the QuickStop Adjustable suitable for different tank sizes and uses.

The QuickStop reminds me of my old Meccano set as a kid. So much fine-tuning available!

QuickStop Valve uses

The QuickStop can be deployed in any frost-free environment – from header tanks and analogue mains water top-up to agricultural uses like drinkers of gravity-fed irrigation systems (where power is unavailable).

The QuickStop is a quick and simple installation for a new project or retrofitted to an existing installation as a replacement or upgrade.

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Contact Jim, our Mac3 Technical lead. Jim and Tom have over 25 years of experience in Water Control Systems.

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