SuperSimplex E – Electronic Water Pump Pressure Switch

When looking for a simple water pump pressure switch, the SuperSimplex E from Mac3 is simply effortless. Installation will take minutes. I’d wager it would take longer to read this blog post than to install the SuperSimplex E.

Electronic water pump pressure switch - SuperSimplex E

Electronic water pump pressure switch – SuperSimplex E

This is a simple inline installation onto 25mm (1”) pipework, either vertically or horizontally – making retrofitting a water pump pressure switch to an existing system that much simpler. Aside from wiring power and the pump, that’s it! The SuperSimplex E restart pressure is preset to 1.5 Bar – but this restart pressure can be raised or lowered with the dial and mechanical gauge on the front of the unit.

The SuperSimplex E will also help to diagnose issues (should they develop) as the pressure gauge in the SuperSimplex E will show whether there is a leak or an issue before the internal non-return valve of the unit. Immediately narrowing the location of the issue down and making resolution on-site much quicker.

SuperSimplex E with close up of LED display

SuperSimplex E with close-up of LED display

In the spirit of keeping things nice and simple (you may have noticed a theme here) the SuperSimplex E has one (just one) button – to manually restart the pump. Aside from that, the unit displays run status/error – with 3 LEDs, telling the installer, facilities manager or service engineer everything they need to know at a glance. Dry run protection is built-in, with automated pump restarts set at 15-minute intervals.

The SuperSimplex E is ideal for installations that do not require extensive setup, rather the installation just needs to work with minimal supervision or calibration. The SuperSimplex E is definitely a water pump pressure switch to keep in the box of tricks, especially where the site doesn’t have extensive requirements and a manual pump would suit the task better than an automatic version.

(see, I told you it’d take you longer to read this than it would to install one!)

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