HydroController – Pump Inverter made Simple

Mac3 HydroController Pump Inverter – single-phase or three-phase there is a box of tricks to suit your pump.

HydroController Inverters made Simple

Inverters, VFDs or ‘that box on the wall’ (yes, I’ve had someone use that one before). There are as many names for these devices as there are types of them. Add into that the variations for voltage / current provisions, single vs three-phase and the list of variants is endless.

The HydroController pump inverter by Mac3 makes variable speed drive simple while allowing for customisability in execution.

Available in single to single-phase, single three-phase and three-phase to three-phase variants, along with 220V and 400v flavours (oh, the agony of choice). Along with these choices, the HydroController is also available as an inline installation HCW – allowing for direct pressure monitoring of the delivery line, or, as a wall-mounted unit HCA – using an external pressure sensor that can be connected to the delivery line away from the unit itself.

Pump Inverter with Easy Installation

The physical installation of a HydroController unit is simple.

For the HCW models (inline), this is as easy as mounting onto the delivery line from the pump. Using the 1.25” BSP threaded stainless steel pipe that runs through the HydroController. It’s that simple. This also allows installation both vertically or horizontally – depending on space or site requirements.

Likewise, for the HCA models (external sensor), installation is just as simple. Rather than using an inline mounting, we can mount the HydroController to any flat surface requiring only connections to the pump and a pressure sensor (and power) to be run to the unit. Making the HCA version suitable for plant room installations that are away from the wet end (or that end that the electricians don’t want water getting anywhere near).

HydroController Advanced – Multi-master protocol

Like its smaller cousin, the e-control (Insert link here) the HydroController Advanced can be configured to employ a multi-master protocol. This uses a similar setup to the e-power advanced, allowing suitably configured units to share control of the attached pumps. If one unit were to fail or be disconnected for any reason, another HydroController would become ‘master’ and lead the other units. A useful feature for installations that are either awkward to access or, that have been supplied on a service contract.
Who doesn’t like to drop phrases like Canbus, serial connection and multi-master into a discussion with a customer or site representative? Follow that with no redundant systems and we tick all the boxes that site managers love to hear!

Specialist Pump Inverters

HydroController for Swimming Pool Pumps - HydroController Pool

HydroController for Swimming Pool Pumps – HydroController Pool

The HydroController series has a few other tricks up its sleeve – in the form of the HydroController Solar and HydroController Pool. These are both dedicated use units that have been optimized for specific deployments:

HydroController Pool

The control software for this unit has extensively been reworked for use with swimming pool systems. Aside from being able to control large pumps, the Pool has a wireless network card. This allows the user to remotely connect to the hardware allowing them to make changes to the run schedule through the Mac3 Helpdesk (not to mention users can view the current activity of their system – which is a pretty cool).

HydroController Solar - Inverter for water pumps in off-grid solar systems

HydroController Solar – Inverter for water pumps in off-grid solar systems

HydroController Solar

This has been reworked from the ground up to be installed with solar photovoltaic systems. Ideal for off-grid or remote installations where cable installations are cost prohibitive (or simply too much of a pain). When deployed with a suitable battery (leisure or deep cycle marine batteries are best suited to this), charging relay and of course a suitable pump, a simply constructed system takes shape. Again, with a little further consideration, the system can be made mobile (or at least haulable with a tractor or forklift). Giving totally flexible deployment, so long as you have pipe/hose in place.

HydroController, complicated installations and uses made simple – both in traditional pump control situations and the more esoteric requirements for solar and pool type installations.

For more information

Contact Jim, our Mac3 Technical lead. Jim and Tom have over 25 years of experience in Water Control Systems.