Pump Inverter – Swimming Pool Pumps – HydroController Pool


The HydroController Pool enables significant energy savings for swimming pool pumps by running the pump at reduced speeds when desired.

Operating parameters are customisable through the onboard interface with LCD display. Up to 4 pre-programmed speeds can be used.

The advanced versions of the Controller include a WiFi feature which allows the user to configure the system from any internet location. A web-based application enables the configuration of a weekly operating schedule.

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Variable speed inverter designed for use in swimming pool installations.


Easy to install. Wifi connection with 7 day timer (advanced version only).


  • Models available to control single and/or three phase pumps up to 11kW
  • Energy saving
  • Air cooled wall mounted design
  • Programmable operating parameters
  • Built-in pump protection (dry-run, under/over voltage, low system pressure, output over voltage)

Additional information

Power Version

MM IN-Single Phase 230vac OUT-Single Phase 230vac, MT IN-Single Phase 230vac OUT-3-Phase 230vac, TT IN-3-Phase 230/400vac OUT-3-Phase 230/400vac

Maximum Pump Power

1.1kw(1.5hp), 1.6kw(2.2hp), 2.2kw(3hp), 4kw(5.5hp)


Standard on/off relay, Advanced CANbus


Wall Mounted Vertical, In Free Air


2×16 LCD

Ingress Protection


Output Frequency

0 – 100 Hz (Resolution 0.01Hz)

Acceleration Time

0.7 – 5 Seconds

Deceleration Time

0.7 – 5 Seconds

Programmable Pressure Range

0.3 – 7.5 Bar (±0.2 Bar)

Electrical Safety


Standards Compliance


Pump Protection

Dry run, Over/Under-voltage, Short Circuit, Over-current, Over Temperature, Pressure Failure,
Sensor Failure, Water Hammer