DIN Rail Mounted Level Controller – Sensitivity Options – Electroprobe Q


DIN rail mounted (3DIN, 54mm) conductivity probe level controller.

Available for various supply voltages from 12 to 415V AC and DC.

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DIN rail mounted (3DIN, 54mm) conductivity probe level controller. Available for various supply voltages from 12 to 415V AC and DC.

Mac3 Electroprobe Q is a multifunctional level controller with 1 fixed function. The Differential Fill/Drain Function, activates a relay output to maintain the level between two probes set at different heights. The relay only changes state when either the upper probe becomes immersed or the lower probe becomes dry, allowing the water level to move between but not exceed the area between the two level probes.

3 conductivity probes are used, a common electrode is always immersed and 2 electrodes above this level form low and high set points allowing Electroprobe Q to maintain a the level within a specific range.

Electroprobe Q is commonly used with water and other fluids with dependable conductivity, there are 3 main models available:

  • NS – Normal Sensitivity – For clean water and fluids with a maximum total resistance of 5.6KΩ. This unit will tolerate very long probe cable lengths of up to 1000m
  • AS – High Sensitivity – For fluids with low conductivity, particularly rainwater, with total resistance of 68KΩ.
  • SR – Adjustable Sensitivity – For fluids of unknown resistance. Adjustable between 0 and 100KΩ.


  • Some models are multi-voltage.
  • Emptying or Filling functions.
  • No accessible controls which avoid unauthorised adjustment.


  • Ideal for OEM integration or control panel building
  • Uses conductivity probes with no moving parts
  • Fill or drain between 2 probes points
  • Suitable for a variety of conductive liquids
  • From 12V to 415V
  • 3 probe sensitivity ranges including adjustable sensitivity (SR models)
  • Non-voltage relay outputs rated 250VAC 5A(AC1) 2A(AC3)

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions90 × 54 × 59 mm

Noryl (PPO) UL94 V0


EN50022 DIN Rail

IP Rating




Power Supply

12/24Vdc, 24Vac, 117Vac, 230Vac, 380Vac, 415Vac, 24/117/230Vac

Power Consumption

4 VA Max

Inter Electrode Voltage


Output Characteristics

250V 5(2)A

Operating Resistance

Various – See Brochure

Dielectric Strength

2 KV

Response Time


Operating Temperature

-10 to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-20 to +80°C

Maximum Lenght of Probe Cables

Models AS & SR – 70m, Model NS – 1000m


Normal 5.6K, High 68K, Adjustable 0-100K