Programmable Pump Inverters – HydroController


Available in two physical configurations (Water cooled in-line pipe mounted or Air Cooled wall mounted) and in either Standard (controlling a single pump) or Advanced versions (multiple pumps and other features).

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Variable speed inverters designed for controlling water pumps in a variety of applications:

  • single (std) or multiple pump systems (Adv)
  • air cooled (Wall mounted) or water cooled (in-line pipe mounted)
  • versions for:
    • single phase power for a single phase pump,
    • single phase power for three phase pump, and
    • three phase power for three phase pump


Easy to install with a user-friendly interface to set the programmable operating parameters.


  • Varies speed to match demand
  • Models available to control single or three phase pumps up to 11kW
  • Energy saving
  • Air cooled wall mounted design or Water Cooled in-line pump design
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Built-in pump protection (dry-run, undr/over voltage, low system pressure, output over voltage)
  • Can be linked with 8 other pumps with HydroController units via integrated CanBus interface (Adv version only)
  • Automatically assigns another “Master” Controller if original fails (Adv version only)

Additional information

Dimensions350 × 240 × 170 mm

HCW Model Water, HCA Model Air

Power Version

MM IN-Single Phase 230vac OUT-Single Phase 230vac, MT IN-Single Phase 230vac OUT-3-Phase 230vac, TT IN-3-Phase 230/400vac OUT-3-Phase 230/400vac

Maximum Pump Power

1.1kw(1.5hp), 1.6kw(2.2hp), 2.2kw(3hp), 4kw(5.5hp), 5.5kw(7.5hp), 7.5kw(10hp), 11kw(15hp)


Standard on/off relay, Advanced CANbus


Wall Mounted Vertical, In Free Air

Ambient Temperature

5°C – 40°C


2×16 LCD

Ingress Protection


Acceleration Time

0.7 – 5 Seconds

Deceleration Time

0.7 – 5 Seconds

Programmable Pressure Range

0.3 – 7.5 Bar (±0.2 Bar)

Maximum Overpressure For HCW Models

12 Bar

Electrical Safety


Electromagnetic Compatibility


Pump Protections

Dry run, Over/Under-voltage, Short Circuit,
Over-current, Over Temperature,
Pressure Failure, Sensor Failure,
Water Hammer