Pump Inverter – Off-Grid Solar Installations – HydroController Solar


A range of inverters/variable frequency drives (VFD) for use with off-grid solar power systems. The HydroController Solar adjusts the speed of the pump to match demand, and the speed is varied (if necessary) to match the available power from the solar panels.

No battery storage is required. The HydroController Solar continuously uses all the available solar energy until the required system pressure is reached.

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Ideal for remote agricultural and borehole uses powered by solar energy.


Varies the pump speed to match demand or available solar energy. Easy to install with a use-friendly interface


  • No battery storage required.
  • Models available to control three phase pumps up to 11kW
  • Input voltage 250-800VDC
  • Air cooled wall mounted design
  • Programmable operating parameters
  • Built-in pump protection (dry-run, undr/over voltage, low system pressure, output over voltage)

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 185 × 243 × 390 mm
Max Pump Power

2.2Kw (3hp) 6A, 4Kw (5.5hp) 11A, 5.5Kw (7.5hp) 15A, 7.5Kw (10hp) 18A, 11Kw (15hp) 25A

Voltage Input

250 – 800 Vdc

Pump Voltage

3-Phase 230V, 3-Phase 400V


Wall Mounted Vertical, In Free Air



Ambient Temperature

5°C – 40°C


2×16 LCD

Ingress Protection


Output Frequency

0 – 100 Hz (Resolution 0.01Hz)

Acceleration Time

0.7 – 5 Seconds

Deceleration Time

0.7 – 5 Seconds

Programmable Pressure Range

0.3 – 7.5 Bar (±0.2 Bar)

Electrical Safety


Standards Compliance


Pump Protection

Dry run, Over/Under-voltage, Short
Circuit, Over-current, Over
Temperature, Pressure Failure,
Sensor Failure, Water Hammer