1 or 2 Pump Controller – Direct On-line Starter – Quadri


The Quadri is a direct on-line starter and pump controller for use with Single and three phase systems.

It is able to control up to two pumps and balance the load between them for Boosting, Storage or Sewage pump systems.

Functions in either an automatic or manual configuration.

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Pump Control/Protection Panel of a single submersible pump. Options for Single Phase or Three Phase. This Controller can function in either an automatic or manual configuration.

The Quadri can control up to two pumps, and is able to balance the workload by alternating the starts of each pump (unless demand requires both pumps be activated simultaneously). The Quadri uses float switches/level probes and/or pressure switches to determine if single or both pumps are required.

The Quadri can run in three modes:

  • Boosting
  • Storage
  • Sewage

Boosting allows the Quadri to function with a pressure boosting system, using both probes and pressure switches to monitor and run pumps when a pressure or level drop is detected.

Storage allows the Quadri to monitor the levels in two tanks, and function as a level controller.

Sewage allows the Quadri to use float switches to determine levels inside a tank and pump according to the parameters set by the installer.


Operational parameters can be viewed n the LED’s and edited on the potentiometers on the circuit board.
This allows the Quadri to display system information such as:

  • The operational status of the motor
  • Error messages
  • Defined parameters of operation


  • Pump Balancing
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Durable ABS Contruction
  • High Quality Electronics
  • IP55

Additional information

Dimensions345 × 285 × 165 mm
Power Supply

230Vac Single Phase, 380Vac 3-Phase

Number of Pumps

1, 2



IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-20 to +80°C

Power Of Pump

0.5 – 3 Hp, 0.5 – 5 Hp, 0.5 – 9 Hp

Material - Body


Pump Protection

Ammetric (Adjustable For Each Pump Connected)

Errors Display




Fault detection



Level Regulator / Float Switch, Pressure switch


Alarm Output Relay