DIN Rail Mounted Rainwater Level Controller – RainControl


DIN rail mounted mains cold water back-up and level display system.

A pressure probe is not included (contact us for options).

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DIN rail mounted unit, that measures a rainwater tank level using a submerged pressure sensor (not included) and either tops up with a measured amount of mains water (direct systems with submerged pump), or opens a 3 way motorized valve (indoor break tank & pump systems) when required.

When a low level threshold is reached, RainControl opens a solenoid or motorised valve to supply mains water until a high level threshold is reached. After this, RainControl de-activates the output and reverts to level display mode.


An anti-blocking timer function allows the valve to be scheduled to open periodically regardless of the tank level, in order to prevent jamming.

All of the thresholds for high and low water levels can be set by the installer, calibrating the unit to whatever installation the unit is connected to.


  • DIN rail mounted.
  • Ideal for OEM systems and panel building.
  • Customisable operating parameters.
  • Accurate LCD level display and mains cold water top-up/back-up function.
  • Level measurement by submerged pressure sensor (not included).
  • No moving parts.

Additional information

Weight.45 kg
Dimensions105 × 73 × 90 mm
Material (Body)

Noryl (PPO) UL94 V0


DIN rail (EN50022)

IP Rating


Storage Temperature

-10 to +60°C

Operating Temperature

0 to +50°C

Supply Voltage

117Vac 50-60Hz Single Phase, 230Vac 50-60Hz Single Phase

Power Consumption

5.5VA max


2×16 LCD

Output Relay

250Vac 10A



Field Of Measurement

0 – 5m

Maximum Over-pressure


Measuring Accuracy


Measuring Resolution


Minimum Differential