E-Power Compact Water-Cooled Inverter

This compact water-cooled inverter series, the E-Power, is designed for use with clean water pumps. There is an E-Power to suit every installation. It is available in single-to-single phase, single to three-phase and three-phase to three-phase.

Compact Water-Cooled Inverter - E-Power

Compact Water-Cooled Inverter – E-Power

E-Power – Bringing power (and control) to a pump near you!

Installation of the E-Power is easy. The unit is pipe-mounted using the integrated 1.25” BSP threaded pipe. This serves as the mounting point, pressure monitoring and cooling solution. Aside from that, wiring to the mains supply and the pump is all that is required. All that is left is deciding whether to install the E-Power vertically or horizontally. Who said life couldn’t be simple?

Like any pump inverter, the E-Power can be programmed to suit the pump being used and the site requirements. However, both versions of the E-Power have a trick up their sleeves. For the Standard version, that trick is the additional control of a single-speed jockey pump. For the Advanced model – it’s really easy to run multiple pumps – it’s good to talk!

Standard E-Power

While each unit can control a single pump, the Standard model can add a single-speed jockey pump – to boost pressure if the variable speed unit is unable to match demand. Though this is only on/off control, this will allow for periods of greater demand, but the installation doesn’t necessarily require a larger pump.

Advanced E-Power

The Advanced models can communicate with each other using CANBUS. Once the master has been configured, up to 7 more can be added as slave units. All connected units will communicate with one another, allowing for more efficient pump usage for example alternating pump usage with each startup or adding additional pumps to match system demand.

The other trick up the sleeve of the Advanced model is the “Multimaster” mode. This allows for a floating master – so the other units will pick up the settings and crack on! Should a unit be removed from the system for any reason, the others will continue as usual thanks to the floating master setup. Simply put, there is no one unit in charge – as they are synchronized with one another, any connected unit can ‘take the lead’, using a floating master protocol. The upshot of this (aside from sounding cool when dropping this into conversation) is a significant reduction in downtime for the whole system (which reduces costs, especially when working on a service-type contract).

Compact Water-Cooled Inverter

Overall, the E-Power compact water-cooled inverter is a compact and easy-to-configure VFD unit that can be used in a single pump (with an optional jockey pump) or multiple pump setups.

Certainly one to consider if ;

  • there isn’t wall space to fit a wall-mounted VFD unit,
  • you are building a compact single / three-phase pressure boosting unit, or
  • the site requires controllers that can work together.

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