SensoPress – Simple Tank-level Control

SensoPress – Give me just one Controller and one Probe, and I’ll give you tank-level control.

Anyone who has seen my previous posts will see that I firmly believe in the power of simplicity. For any problem, there is always a simple solution (no, it isn’t always a hammer). For instance, if you are looking for a single tank-level controller, I highly recommend the SensoPress from Mac3.

Mac3 SensoPress - Tank-Level Control

Mac3 SensoPress – Simple yet versatile tank-level control

One Controller

This unit is designed to be DIN rail mounted and is easily be fitted into any existing cabinet, project box or mounting solution that can accommodate a 110mm length of DIN rail (plus any required cabling) to fit perfectly.

SensoPress is available in single or quad output relays in 230vAC and 117vAC. It can be configured as a tank fill/empty controller (single output) or to link outputs to set levels.

Suitable for working with clean and dirty water, water with suspended solids (such as sand) and aggressive fluids, the SensoPress can be employed in a wide variety of situations when equipped with an appropriate sensor.

While the single output models would work best in a simple tank filling or emptying situation. The quad output model allows for more complicated processes and finer level control.

One Probe

Typically, when designing a multiple-level system, the installation would require the fabrication of the float switches to the correct lengths. This is both time-consuming and, depending on the physical layout of the tank/plant room, potentially quite complicated (routing multiple cables is no fun, especially when there are obstructions (see: hammer)). The SensoPress simplifies the installation process by requiring only a single probe to be run into the tank.

Versatile Tank-level Control

The SensoPress allows us to set different outputs at a user-defined level. For example, a pump is started at ‘a’ and stopped at ‘b’ in case of high level – sounding an alarm if the level reaches ‘x’ or opening a valve when level ‘y’ is reached. Of course, this is only a very basic suggestion, but it gives an idea of what we can achieve with this simple-to-use unit, depending on the outputs of the model being used.

The actual levels, and output relays assigned to them are programmed on the SensoPress itself. This can be done in a plant room, or with careful planning before the SensoPress is even taken to site. So, no more messing about inside a tank, just turn up with the unit preset from the comfort of your office (work smart, not hard). This just leaves fine-tuning and final testing for the site visit.

Live Status Display

Unlike a traditional hardwired panel, the SensoPress can display the live status of the installation, be adjusted as required (without tools) and allows for password protection (to keep inquisitive users from making changes they really shouldn’t be).

SensoPress Tank-level Controller Display

Mac3 SensoPress has an intuitive user interface and display

Overall, the SensoPress is a useful addition to the level control toolbox, and there really is something cool about blue backlit displays (reminds me of the servers I used to use as a kid).

For more information

Contact Jim, our Mac3 Technical lead. Jim and Tom have over 25 years of experience in Water Control Systems.