Quadri Pump Controller – one or two pumps – it’s just so easy

The Quadri from Mac3 is a configurable pump controller, suitable for single or dual pump installations in both single and three-phase variants.

Quadri Pump Controller

Quadri Pump Controller, highly configurable and easy to use.

As with all the Mac3 equipment I’ve come across, the quality and attention to detail always shine through. The Quadri is no exception to this, housed in a smart ABS housing – the Quadri not only looks good (I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a well-made casing?) but it is also going to last.

As a general-purpose pump controller, the Quadri can be deployed in several ways:


Creates a pressure booster type system, using pressure switches and level probes to monitor an installation for pressure drop, then activating a pump as required to restore pressure to the user-set value.


For liquid storage, the Quadri is used to monitor the level in two tanks and maintain levels that are set on the Quadri itself.


Similar to the storage setting but optimised for a single tank. Use a suitable dirty water float switch to control the level inside a septic tank, holding sump or similar.

Effortless versatility. Control one or two pumps. It’s just so easy.

All versions of the Quadri can determine tank level using float switches, pressure sensors, or level probes. This allows for greater flexibility when retrofitting to an existing installation and potentially reusing existing hardware inside the tank.

On top of this, the dual pump models are capable of duty balancing, alternating usage of each pump or, if configured to do so, activating both pumps together at times of increased demand.

Cos-phi Monitoring

Quadri Pump Controller with CosPhi Dry-Run Protection (Single Phase)

Quadri Pump Controller with CosPhi Dry-Run Protection

The Quadri is also available with cos-phi (cosφ) monitoring in all variants (single / three-phase, single or dual pump). These versions are particularly well suited to installations where conventional level monitoring simply isn’t practical – think boreholes, wells, and remote tanks (the kind that made sense at the time of installation but, were never intended to be improved or modified (nobody stops to think of the tech that has to work on it afterwards!)). Installation or retrofit becomes considerably easier as we don’t need to run extra cables for conventional float switches, pressure transducers, or the like. Remember, less cabling generally leads to a happier life!

As the Quadri cosφ is constantly monitoring the power factor of the pump motor, the Quadri can shut down the system when it detects a potential blockage or dry-run situation. Protecting the installation, allowing the user (or their tame maintenance engineers) to investigate and resolve the issue.

The Quadri family of pump controllers is a simple and effective tool to consider when designing or upgrading a system, with the functionality and ease of use that we have come to expect from the Mac3 line.

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