Waste Water Level Sensor – Agma W


Mac3 AgmaW is a compact float switch alternative, designed to be fitted vertically to a submersible pump. When used for pump control, AgmaW activates a connected pump when the water levels are high enough for pump use, and deactivates the pump when the water level has decreased to the set minimum.

AgmaW is designed to be used with clean water, sewage, flood water and water containing solids and debris. Avoid using in water containing iron or other ferrous materials as these may affect operation.

Agma Video Tutorial

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Float switch alternative for Dirty Water. Designed to be fitted to a submersible pump.

Typical uses include pumps designed for:

  • Flood prevention sumps
  • Small waste water tanks
  • Narrow wells
  • Irregular shaped tanks
  • Tanks, sumps or wells with pipes or other obstructions inside


Ideal for pumps deployed in small foul water sumps.


  • Provides automatic operation in tight places where a float switch cannot be relied upon
  • Directly controls pumps up to 8A
  • Suitable for sewage and trash water

Additional information

Weight .27 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 235 mm
Material (Body)

Non-Toxic Polypropylene

Working Position

Vertical ± 5°

Max Load

20(8)A 250V~ Single phase

Maximum Operating Pressure

0.5 Bar

Working Liquid

Water with Debris, Waste Water

Operating Level


Operating Temperature

0 to +50°C

Cable Type

2 Wire 25cm, 3 Wire 25cm, 2 core H07RNF 10M, 3 core H07RNF 10M, 3 core PVC A05VVF 10M

IP Rating