Pump Pressure Switch – Adjustable Pressure – PresSystem


Single phase pump controller which is installed on clean-water pipe work. By using a single speed, variable pressure control system, the PresSystem ensures pump efficiency by reducing the time a pump is run to maintain pressure in the system.
Dry Run Protection via either a Float Switch (not included) or built in CosPhi option.

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For residential pressure boosting systems. Replaces traditional pressure boosting systems that use a pressure switch and a pressure vessel (expansion tank). Option for built in CosPhi Dry Run Protection. Alternatively both models can be used with a Float Switch after adjusting the housing.


Designed to be mounted directly on to the pipe work. The innovative built-in pressure sensor ensures flow is not obstructed through the unit.


On pipe mounting reduces the need for mounting surfaces and running pipes to a controller. As the PresSystem does not obstruct the pipe in any way, losses usually associated with pressure measurement do not arise.

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions230 × 170 × 82 mm
CosPhi Dry Run Protection

No, Yes




On Pipe

Mouting Position


IP Rating


Operating Temperature

+5 to +50°C

Inlet / Outlet

1" Male

Operating Pressure

1.5 to 8 bar

Max System Pressure

20 bar

Max Flow


Material - Body


Material - Pipe

Stainless Steel AISI 304

Liquid Conditions

Clean Water, No Solids, pH 5-9

Water Temperature

+1 to +40°C

Power Supply

230Vac / 117 Vac

Pump Power Supply

230Vac / 117 Vac

Pump Current


Pump Power (Max)

1.5Kw (2 HP)