Sewage Float Switch – Small – E-Fly


E-Fly float switch is specifically designed for sewage and turbulent water. Can also be used in turbulent water and waters with high levels of solids. Smaller than the Mac5 Sewage Float Switch.

Dual operation for filling and emptying.

Sewage Float Switch Tutorial

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It has a heavy body, which is also bulky and smooth. Smaller than the Mac5 it is suitable for small tanks of sewage water, industrial waste water with suspended agglomerate residues and turbulent/moving water.


Made with a double liquid proof chamber and counterweight built into the body of the float.


Comes with PVC 3×1 cable as standard. Other cables available on request.

Additional information

Cable Length

5m, 10m, 20m

Cable Type

PVC 3 x 1, NEOP.H07RN-F 3 x 1, H07BN4-F 3 x 1

Max Operating Temperature


IP Rating


Switch Angle


Max Depth

2 bar


Non-Toxic Polypropylene (PP)


Other cable types are available. Contact us for details.

ATEX Version

Yes, No

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